Check out FRIENDS, the first version of Better.

FRIENDS is a event ticket sales platform for cultural and justice organizers that sells monthly supporter memberships to your audience.

It's like EventBrite meets Patreon - a fundamentally more efficient for organizers of IRL communities to raise money.
As an organizer, you put together events that bring passionate people who believe in your vision together. You're great at that!

But fundraising is a challenge. It's not your main skill, and the time and energy it takes to run fundraisers, on top of all your other work, is overwhelming.

FRIENDS will help out by connecting your awesome community building abilities more naturally to fundraising. It helps you makes a persuasive fundraising appeal to every single person in your audience, while they have their wallets open to buy tickets. FRIENDS will bring you sustainable support from your community, without you having to do extra work.

You'll get more financial support than with any other tool - and 100% of your time can be spent on the work your community proudly supports.

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